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Technical Grade Pesticides
Provided range of Technical Grade Pesticides is used as effective option to safeguard plants and crops against bugs and weeds. Known for their precise formulation, offered products come in handy for keeping flies, beetles and thrips at bay.
Bio Pesticides
Bio Pesticides are produced from living things like nematodes, microorganisms and plants. These are environment friendly and are less toxic when compared to chemical based pesticides. Accurate composition is one of their key features.
Botanical Pesticide
Botanical Pesticides are produced from dried plants and other naturally found materials. These non toxic grade substances are wonderful options to control insects and pests without affecting surrounding environment. These are safe to handle.
Agricultural Fungicides
Provided Agricultural Fungicides are used to destroy parasites for better crop production purpose. These are offered in foundational, translaminar and contact based versions. These contain active ingredient like thiophanate methyl.
Bio Insecticide
Bio Insecticides are composed of living microorganisms that are effective in treating soil and plant infection caused by pathogens. Accurate formulation, long storage life, high effectiveness and long lasting result are the key features of these products.
Plant Growth Regulators
Plant Growth Regulators act as hormones to promote overall development and to improve crop output of plants. These substances play significant role in stimulating flowering, cell multiplication and elongation of vegetations
Bio Nematicides
Available in liquid form, Bio Nematicides are composed of entomopathogenic fungus that destroys eggs and prevents proliferation of insects. These Eco-friendly products do not leave any residue on applied area.

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